Accounting for Squirrels


OK this isn’t quite in the romance category, but it’s one of the pieces I’m currently working on so I added it here just to remind me to keep working on it. ūüôā

I started thinking about the concept for this book a few years ago when I was trying to explain some accounting concepts to my non accounting sister. Strangely enough¬†a squirrel analogy worked the best to explain it in as simple terms as I could think of, and the concept for “Accounting for Squirrels” was born.

Accounting is like law, they both have a language all their own that you need a translator, or a really good support person, to help you decipher.

I decided a while ago that I want to be that support person for my clients. I want to be the one they could meet with periodically and have a normal informative conversation. I wanted them to¬†leave with an understanding of where there business is, why they need to make changes, what they can do to make those changes, and not spout out a lot of gobbledygook at them, that makes their head hurt, in the meantime. Busy entrepreneurs don’t have the time to learn a whole new language, they want the information presented in a simple straightforward way so it can be used immediately.¬† But then I started thinking about all of those people who don’t use, or can’t afford to hire, the services of a public accountant. How could I help them?

This brought me back to the Accounting for the Squirrels book idea. How could I use this idea to help other business owners? Teaching how to do accounting would be silly. Most entrepreneurs don’t want to, an honestly shouldn’t take the time to,¬†learn how to be accountants, they just want to know how to use their accounting information. And then it hit me, why not model the book, or as it as morphed into, series of volumes, on the workshops I have been giving on “understanding your business’s financial information” and teach business owners how to read the financial information their business generates, and clearly explain why this information is important?

Accounting for Squirrels is not designed to be a “How to do accounting book” Instead it is more of a “How to understand and apply the information contained in accounting” book.

My goal is to help¬†all entrepreneurs understand the financial information their business generates so they can make appropriate decisions and improvements to their business in a timely and accurate¬†manner, whether they outsource the bookkeeping, or do it themselves, and I hope I’ve managed to do that in a clear and concise manner.

Why squirrels?

Because squirrels aren’t stupid, just busy.



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