A New Day

It feels a bit odd today, after spending so much time working on my website and MailChimp campaigns and Facebook posts and setting up pre-sales for Jesse’s Place, re-reading Jesse’s Place for content and final edits, and all the other stuff that goes into trying to sell a book…..I might actually now be able to focus on writing the next book. I still have a few tweaks to do and additional promotions, that won’t end, but I really do think I can  start spending time actually writing. What a concept 🙂


About tanyahessbooks

I'm an accountant with aspirations of becoming a professional writer, veterinarian, or pretty much anything that has nothing to do with accounting. Vet school's too hard to get into, and I like making up stories, so I'm working on the professional writer angle. I live on a 200 acre farm with my 3 horses, 2 dogs, 10 chickens, 2 sheep, a cat...oh, and 2 children and my very supportive husband who has promised he'll be first in line to buy a movie ticket when my first novel becomes a block buster movie.
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