Another step complete

One more step has been completed in my goal of being able to write full time.  Today I finished my website and figured out how to put in a link back to the site on my blog – check out the ‘website’ link on the right hand side of the screen. I set up and tested the link to register for my mailing list; updated Double Diamond with a new cover and fixed a few typos my readers kindly pointed out to me and re-published the book on Smashwords;  finished the cover of my second book Jesse’s place, and set it up for pre-orders. Phew!  Now I think I can focus on the actual craft of writing!

Sign up to my e-mail list at and I’ll send you a 50% off coupon code to use on Smashwords when you order a copy of Jesse’s place, available December 15th. AND for a limited time Double Diamond is absolutely FREE, you can find the order link on my webpage. Please share, like,  comment, tweet,  and help me get the word out.

Happy Reading!


About tanyahessbooks

I'm an accountant with aspirations of becoming a professional writer, veterinarian, or pretty much anything that has nothing to do with accounting. Vet school's too hard to get into, and I like making up stories, so I'm working on the professional writer angle. I live on a 200 acre farm with my 3 horses, 2 dogs, 10 chickens, 2 sheep, a cat...oh, and 2 children and my very supportive husband who has promised he'll be first in line to buy a movie ticket when my first novel becomes a block buster movie.
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