The wait

Well my book has been loaded, published and added to the premium catalogue. The Facebook page is up, my blog is being updated a bit more consistently, and I updated my Linked-In profile. So far I have sold 2 copies and 10 people have downloaded the free sample. It’s a start, but I’ve quickly realized that marketing the book is definitely going to be more work, and take more time, that the actual writing. With a half million other authors to compete with for readers I guess I can’t expect miracles. 🙂 I’m definitely not going to make any best seller lists this month, but I’ll just keep plugging away with the promotional material while I finish up book 2.

So far the most frustrating thing about having published the book is that I have some great ideas for improvements. I just thought of a whole new chapter I could add to add a bit more emotional impact, and some tweaks I could make to dialogue to make it more realistic and move some of the slower parts of the book along, and….which is probably why it took me so long to get the darn thing published in the first place. I kept editing, re-editing, adding and deleting…It’s time to let it go. The next time I re-edit will be when I’m famous, have 100 best sellers published, and have finally found a voice that attracts the masses. That when I’ll go back one last time to do just a little tweak. Just a tiny one. 🙂

About tanyahessbooks

I'm an accountant with aspirations of becoming a professional writer, veterinarian, or pretty much anything that has nothing to do with accounting. Vet school's too hard to get into, and I like making up stories, so I'm working on the professional writer angle. I live on a 200 acre farm with my 3 horses, 2 dogs, 10 chickens, 2 sheep, a cat...oh, and 2 children and my very supportive husband who has promised he'll be first in line to buy a movie ticket when my first novel becomes a block buster movie.
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